Top 2017 Cover Trends You may Have Missed

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How is it July already? We’re half way through 2017 and you probably find yourself spinning in an increasingly noisy and fast paced world, trying to keep up with deadlines, budgets and projects.

But today, we’d like to invite you to hit pause for a second, and take some well deserved time out for a little inspiration and reflection. In case you haven’t noticed, 2017 is more than ever about finding inspiration not in the past or future, but the present moment, and finding harmony within our overly connected world rather than fighting it.

So pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, close your mailbox and enjoy a little oasis of calm in your day while we take you through some of the 2017 cover trends you may have missed along the way.

Cover Trends - Coffee


2017 is the year of pushing boundaries


Graphica Cover Trends - create

And not just with your mother in law. We’re talking creative boundaries.

So tell me. What have you been working on? Do you find yourself reverting to a comfortable safety zone by default? Do you feel like you keep creating different versions of more or less the same thing over and over again? Why change it if it works, right?

If you recognize yourself in any of this, realise that you are not alone. We’re all guilty of playing it safe. Because negative feedback hurts. Real bad. Because we need to keep our clients and customers happy. But venturing outside your comfort zone is what will make you grow.

That’s why we’d like you to think twice before your next project. Now is the time to grab all you got and go for it. Push your creative boundaries. Change minds. Make mistakes. Go outside. Look elsewhere for inspiration. Have fun. Pull you hair out. Spark something. In a word: Create. And feel alive in the process.

With packaging, this could mean using materials you haven’t worked with before, trying new supports, new designs, collaborate with new people. Anything that doesn’t involve a copy and paste of a good ol’ tried and tested formula. While there is a place and time for safe, if you don’t work on an insanely creative project every now and then, you’ll find yourself at a dead end, feeling like your creative well has dried out.

2017 is all about textures


In a world of digital everything, we tend to underestimate how much we crave touching something real. It’s time to shut off the pixels and embrace the raw beauty of texture and imperfection. Engage with your customers on a textural level. Here are some of the textures that have caught our eye in 2017:

Matte Finishes

A matte finish material is classic yet modern, and lets the object speaks for itself. It is the quintessence of understated, timeless elegance.

Natural Finishes

Wood, cork, raffia, canvas, you name it. Anything evoking authenticity and realness reminds us there is a world outside our phone or computer screens.

Faux finishes

This can be a more reliable alternative to the real thing, and a more cost effective way to bring some texture to a project.


When in doubt, Trust The Original

Not sure where to start? We’d love to help. Pop in, ask for your sample cards if you haven’t got them already and make use of our free sample service. You may even score a free cup of coffee in the process.

We also put together a 2017 Covering Trends Forecast last year, so here’s the low down in case you missed it:


Cover Trend #1:


Graphica - Catchy Contemporary Trend


The cheerful collection of the Catchy Contemporary lends its self to a playful and refreshing mood. We could all do with a dose of the freshness and clarity that these colours bring, especially in this  complex social and political environment of ours. Cool, crisp and bold colours are brought to life by the textures of our materials. Whether it be a touch of cheerfulness from our Wibalin Cherry Red in a Finelinen finish or a spread of the Buttery Yellow Synt3 Nebraska, the use of these colours is sure to bring energy, optimism and upliftment to your design.

Cover Trend #2:


Graphica - Spicy Sunset Trend

We love the contrast of a welcoming, warm, African sunset against a moody, grey stormy sky.  Or the richness and spiciness of paprika, turmeric and chilli offset by the freshness of coriander on a chilled slate plate. Our Spicy Sunset collection is a tribute to our rainbow nation and all the spice that comes with it, and will add a sense of warmth and home to any creation.


Cover Trend #3:


Graphica - Modern Minimalist Trend

Minimalism is everywhere at the moment,  and why? Because we need the calm, serene white space that it brings to our chaotic lives. This elegant and subdued colour palette will calm and relax you, and impart the same sophisticated flair to your design.  Our powdery soft,  suede-like materials like Redel Suede or Chamel and natural bookcloths like Wicotex Natuurlinen reflect the organic simplicity of this trend.

If you want all the details of the materials gathered in these three trends, grab your digital copy of the forecast below. And remember. If you’re a little bit scared, that means you’re on the right track. Plus you can always hide under the cover.

Download your 2017 Covering Trends Forecast now:


2017 Cover Trends by Graphica free download

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