Top 2017 Cover Trends You may Have Missed

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How is it July already? We’re half way through 2017 and you probably find yourself spinning in an increasingly noisy and fast paced world, trying to keep up with deadlines, budgets and projects. But today, we’d like to invite you to hit pause for a second, and take some well deserved time out for a little inspiration and reflection. In case you haven’t…

Three Ships Whisky

Shaken or Stirred?

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I have to admit, to my embarrassment, that I know next to nothing about whisky. Or whiskey for that matter. A year of wandering the streets of Dublin’s fair city, an Irish surname and a 10 a.m. visit to the Jameson distillery on an empty stomach can’t even change that. What I do know, is who spells it…

Woman reading book

Keep it Classic

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If you display symptoms of being both a technology junky and reading addict, you probably, like me, have collected hundreds of books on your iPad or Kindle.  There are several reasons for this: Once you start browsing an online collection from the comfort of [insert wherever you feel comfortable here], it is so easy to…