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This blog post is on average 2 months overdue. It is my first, ever. I knew exactly what I wanted to blog about from the start but getting it into words was an entirely different challenge. With every idea I had, I wanted to use my hands to explain what I was saying and then realised, “Hold on, you can’t do that, this needs to be words”.

Never over the counter

The truth is that you can’t really explain Luxury Packaging, you need to experience it. When you have spent days/weeks/months researching (and saving towards) what item you want to spoil yourself with, the ultimate thrill comes when this item is finally presented to you like a briefcase containing bricks of gold or a handshake from a celebrity. It is NEVER handed to you over the counter. The packaging isn’t just a way for the brand to show off, it’s their way of letting you know how special you are a consumer.

Luxury brand items are a little like art

The layering of the packaging itself is a sensory experience: a fabric bow, the beautiful, textured paper on the box, the folded tissue paper inside and a velvety pouch or dust bag, opening it is like unveiling a piece of a highly anticipated art. Yes, to me luxury brand items are a little like art. They’ve been carefully considered, designed and manufactured with the absolute finest attention to detail (I hate fakes because of this) It only makes sense that the same attention and thought is given to the packaging. It is also the reason why this packaging is seldom (if ever) discarded haphazardly and how sometimes it is even displayed…cue Jo Malone.

Tiffany Blue… “You’re getting married!!!”

While thinking so hard about my topic it occurred to me that one of the finest examples of, and probably the most famous, luxury packaging of all, belongs to Tiffany. The iconic and trademarked “Tiffany Blue Box”. Is there anyone who doesn’t recognise this packaging and what it represents? Remember that scene in “Bride Wars” when the lifelong best friends go crazy at the first glance of the “Little blue Box” hidden in the closet…Tiffany Blue…”You’re getting married!!!” The colour and the box are so valuable they are trademarked and so is the little white bow to finish it off.


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And talking about how luxury packaging and the brand make you feel…

Luxury packaging excites me (and obviously what’s inside does too) but so does all packaging. For me, it’s a big tip-off about what the brand thinks of me as a consumer. Do they make me feel like the only girl in the room? We are, after all, living in a material world…..and I confess that I am a bit of a material girl.

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