Through the looking glass & what Graphica hid there

1000 668 Graphica

As leader of this illustrious team it was incumbent on me to blog the first words on our new website… this is not about a website though.

It’s about an invitation for you and your brands to engage with us. This is a portal to visit our fashionable, creative world (something like Alice through the Looking Glass) and to have fun with us and our materials. Our access to global trends, fashion forecasts is unsurpassed. We’ve been doing this since 1892 so have a touch of experience in dealing with major luxury and aspirational brands across a diverse mix of segments from drinks and promotional packaging to stationery and publishing. Our design & development hub in Basel are on top of their game, and continue to surprise us all with continuously beautiful and inspirational substrates to do justice to any finished product.


We aim to keep this portal alive and interesting so it is supported by our Facebook and Instagram accounts (feel free to share the love!). You can expect fresh new updates from ourselves as well as from our global bank of ideas. With a choice of over 3 000 (#trusttheoriginal) products and stock carried locally around the country, we must have something for you. Our local team of experts combine over 100 years of experience in this field so all that is left for me to ask is “how can we help you” (I’ve heard that before!).

See you on the other side.


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